Soma Coffee Ethiopia - Bale Mountain Washed 250g Bag

Soma Coffee Ethiopia - Bale Mountain Washed 250g Bag

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Ethiopia - Bale Mountain Washed 250g Bag

Flavour Notes: Key Lime Pie, Vanilla, Delicate Florals

From the Roasters

We're sure you've heard us rattling on about coffee processing, washed coffees and natural coffees, but have you ever had the chance to experience what these terms actually mean? Well, now you have that chance! Our latest Ethiopian, Bale Mountain washed, is part of a duo of new coffees that showcase coffee processing. That's right, these two coffees were grown by the same people, on the same land (and perhaps even from the same tree), the only difference is that one was processed using the washed method, and another was processed using the natural method. Try these two coffees side by side for a unique and informative coffee tasting experience like never before.

Bale Mountain is a coffee farm in the Bale Mountain National Park located in the West Arsi region of Ethiopia (formerly a part of the renowned Guji region). It is owned by Israel Degfa, a local producer with an impressive reputation for producing outstanding specialty lots. He is in fact the same producer who brought us 2 Ethiopian coffees with cupping scores of 89. When he saw the richness of the soil and the surrounding forests, he immediately saw the potential for producing exceptional coffee from this high altitude region and with his experience, there is no better man for the job.

This is the washed coffee from our coffee processing duo and it is an exceptional example of the terroir characteristics of Ethiopian coffee. It has a vibrant lime zest acidity with a buttery vanilla tasting not balancing it out. Put these two tasting notes together and the sweet lime and biscuity vanilla remind us of key lime pie. All of this comes together with a bouquet of light and delicate floral flavour, giving this coffee incredible complexity! We've had exceptional results with this coffee on all brew methods, a pour-over really lets this Ethiopian gem shine

If you want to try the Bale Mountain Washed and the Bale Mountain Natural side by side check out our Coffee Processes Tasting Set

Coffee Details

  • Origin - West Arso
  • Producer - Israel Degfa
  • Varietal - Heirloom Varietals
  • Altitude - 1800 - 2100 masl
  • Process - Washed
  • Notes - Key Lime Pie, Vanilla, Delicate Florals
  • Cupping Score - 87.5