Soma Coffee Brazil - Serra Negra 250g Bag

Soma Coffee Brazil - Serra Negra 250g Bag

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Brazil - Serra Negra 250g Bag

Flavour Notes: Hazelnut, Chocolate & Nougat 

From the Roasters

When we set out to source our house espresso, we generally have one thing in mind - a comfort coffee, and sometimes the stars align and deliver us a coffee that is nothing short of a hug in a mug. Our latest Brazilian, Serra Negra, is just that! 

Jose Eduardo Bernardes is a modern coffee farmer in the Cerrado region of Brazil. He has invested a lot in modernizing his farming practices in order to meet the ever-growing demand of the specialty coffee market. He is progressive in his approach and is constantly working on developing and refining his processing methods to produce more consistent and higher quality coffee.

A hug in a mug really is the only way we can describe this coffee. With tasting notes of Hazelnut, Chocolate & Nougat, it delivers a flavour profile that sits quite comfortably between tasting like Nutella and tasting like a Snickers bar... Yes, it really is that good! As is usually the case with chocolate and nut forward coffees, this coffee is a stand out offering for espresso. It also really shines in milk based coffee drinks as the milk really rounds out the sweetness of the chocolate and nougat and lets the hazelnut shine. 

Get your bag from Soma Coffee Company today and start drinking your hug in a mug!

Coffee Details

  • Origin - Cerrado, Brazil
  • Producer - Jose Eduardo Bernardes
  • Varietal - Topazio
  • Altitude - 982 masl
  • Process -  Natural
  • Notes - Hazelnut, Chocolate & Nougat 
  • Cupping Score - 84.5