Cloud Picker Coffee Zambia Kateshi Estate 250g Box

Cloud Picker Coffee Zambia Kateshi Estate 250g Box

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Zambia | Kateshi Estate

Flavour Notes: Blackberry | Treacle | Pomegranate

Altitude | 1300 masl

Process | Natural Gold

Variety | Catimor 129

Their first Zambian coffee and it's packed full of autumnal fruit notes and treacly goodness!
The Kateshi Estate was set up in 1972 and is one of the oldest coffee farms in Zambia. The Zambian government at the time was pushing for a 'coffee after copper' initiative and this farm was one of the first to benefit from this vision.

Situated close to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the farm has a particular focus on improving gender equality: the employment of local women working in traditionally male-dominated jobs is an effort to improve prospects for women in the area. The estate owners are heavily involved in local conservation, providing water and education for the local village and even sponsoring the local football team, 'Kateshi Coffee Bullets'!

The process of Natural Gold or Speciality Natural is a Zambian term denoting the best cherries being handpicked twice for consistency before drying. The cherries are spread thinly and turned regularly to ensure even drying over the course of three to four weeks.