Cloud Picker Coffee Indonesia Frinsa Estate 250g Box

Cloud Picker Coffee Indonesia Frinsa Estate 250g Box

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Indonesia | Frinsa Estate

Flavour Notes: Malt | Maple Sugar | Raspberry Sugar

Altitude | 1400 MASL

Process | Fully Washed

Variety | Sigarar Utang

For the first time in a few years, we have had a chance to source coffee from West Java, locally known as Sunda.
Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq began coffee farming in 2010 but their commitment to the highest standards and imaginative processing have helped their beans stand out in a region with a rich coffee history.

Java is well known for wet-hulled coffee but the wet and dry mills on-site means Wildan can do things a bit differently. This coffee is fully washed and Wildan's farm is also known for experimenting with unusual fermentation methods. The distinctive cleanliness of this coffee is a tribute to Wildan's hard work.

The Sigarar Utang variety was developed in Indonesia in the 1980s. It is a semi-dwarf plant which has a high yield and can give its first crop a year after planting. The farmers who took out debts to buy the plant were thus able to repay sooner than expected. This quick debt repayment is the origin of the variety's name.