Copy of Calendar Coffee | Rwanda Mahembe | Filter | 250g

Copy of Calendar Coffee | Rwanda Mahembe | Filter | 250g

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Calendar Coffee | Rwanda Mahembe | Filter | 250g 

Flavour notes: Orange and Baking Spices
Harvest: June 2023

From the Roasters:

We purchase all our Rwandan coffee through the importer Nordic Approach, who have been buying from both the Gitesi and Mahembe washing stations since 2012. The quality and consistency of these coffees has always captivated us, and we think their flavours are truely unique! This will be the sixth year we're roasting coffee from Gitesi, and this is the third time we’ve been able to buy from Mahembe too. We’re very excited to have both coffees in our range this season.

Mahembe is privately owned by Justin Musabyimana. Justin grew up in the local area, but after moving away for some time, decided to come back home to build a wet mill on his fathers land. Justin has an 8-hectare farm of his own, and buys cherries from the surrounding smallholders. This area is not as well known for quality coffees as some other parts of Rwanda, but has an increasing number of farmers growing coffee at higher altitudes and the results have been amazing!

The harvesting season for Rwanda can run from March through to August, but we usually find the best lots come from the May to July pickings. This can always shift a little depending on the weather and the altitude the coffee is being grown at. The climate throughout most of the harvesting season in Rwanda is relatively cool, which assists in controlling the fermentation process. At Mahembe the coffees are dry fermented for 10-12 hours, after which the parchment is graded and washed in channels. The beans are separated into two grades based on density before being soaked under clean water in tanks for 16 hours. The coffee is dried on raised beds for up to 21 days, during which time the parchment is covered by shade net during the hottest hours of the day, at night, and anytime it rains.

With flavours of orange, redcurrants and baking spices, expect a flavourful and well balanced cup, with a long sugary aftertaste.


Country: Rwanda
Producer: Mahembe Washing Station
Region: Nyamasheke
Process: Washed
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1,900MASL