Bailies Coffee Monte Verde Geisha Honey // Bailies Select Microlot 250g Bag

Bailies Coffee Monte Verde Geisha Honey // Bailies Select Microlot 250g Bag

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Monte Verde Geisha Honey // Bailies Select Microlot


Flavour Notes: Apricot, Lychee & Raspberry Ruffle

Roasted for filter: Best enjoyed as a pour over, without milk, to allow the subtleties of the light roast to emerge.

Finca Monte Verde is a farm Bailies hold very close to our their hearts and they were so excited to have this beautiful Geisha at thir Roastery. They have a very limited supply so it won't be around for long.

Bailies first used their coffee back in 2017, having success with a naturally processed Mokka variety in the Irish barista competition placing 8th (Celeste Owens) and 5th place (Caroline Irwin) and then placing 3rd (Julia McKenna) and 1st (Stephen Houston) that year (with the same coffee) in the Irish Brewers Cup competition, Stephen (head Roaster) went on to use another variety of coffee from the same farm the following year, earning a 3rd place spot in IBrC.

So when they got the opportunity to meet Newerley Gutiérrez at World of coffee in Berlin 2109, they spoke about visiting their farm when Jan and Stephen were planning their Origin trip later that year. Fast forward to September 2019 and they arrived in Colombia and made their way to visit Finca Monte Verde, located in the heart of the Tolima Department. There Jan and Stephen spent a few days with the Gutiérrez family, where they learn more about their approach to agriculture, planting, varieties and their famed processing techniques. It was a really special time, especially for Stephen, not only as it was the first farm he ever visited, but he truly got to connect with the family who produced his winning coffee and helped forge a new direct relationship that will stand for hopefully many years to come.

The Gutierrez' passion, knowledge and dedication to specialty coffee is inspiring and we are very excited that we have this exceptional Honey processed Geisha in our roastery.

Processing 96 hours total fermentation, 48 hours fermentation whole cherry without water (aerobic) Then 48 hours with water that covers the cherries (aerobic) Then it is pulped to remove the cherry but leave the sticky mucilage and goes to drying.

Drying takes 29 days at 16 °C – 35 °C; with rotations at days 13,19 & 26.

Colombia Monte Verde Geisha Honey
Region: Herrera, Tolima
Process: Honey
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1800masl
Tasting: Apricot, Lychee & Raspberry Ruffle
Aroma: Candied Bergamot
Acidity/Body: High/Full