Carrow Coffee Roasters | Ecuador | Cruz Loma | 250g

Carrow Coffee Roasters | Ecuador | Cruz Loma | 250g

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Carrow Coffee Roasters | Ecuador | Cruz Loma | 250g

Flavour Notes: Lemon sorbet, melon, and cream

Roasted for filter

From the Roasters:


This coffee has a beautifully bright acidity and is bursting with tropical fruit notes that remind us of summer! The beans were grown by Grace Morales at her Cruz Loma farm, named after its hilltop location where two tracks meet, forming a cross. After picking, the coffee cherries were depulped and dried with the mucilage on for 28 days - allowing sugars and those beautiful fruit notes to transfer to the bean. Grace also grows many other fruit and vegetable crops, with banana and cedar trees providing shade for the coffee.

Variety: Caturra
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1450 MASL
Harvest: September 2022
Producer: Grace Morales, Finca Cruz Loma
Region: San Jose’ de Minas, Pichincha