Calendar Coffee | Juan & Jose| Colombia | Filter | 250g

Calendar Coffee | Juan & Jose| Colombia | Filter | 250g

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Calendar Coffee | Juan & Jose| Colombia | Filter | 250g

Flavour notes: Guava & Nectarine
Harvest: May & June 2023

From the Roasters

Earlier this year we embarked on our first ever sourcing trip to Colombia! The main purpose of our visit was to meet some of the producers from Huila that we have been buying from for the last four years. This includes farmers who have contributed to our Teamwork Espresso, as well as those providing some of our smaller filter lots too

Two producers we were fortunate to meet during our time here were Juan Cubillos and José Gregorio. We’ve been buying coffee from Juan Cubillos for the last two years, and the Pink Bourbon we roasted from him last season was one of our favourite coffees of 2022. Although we have never bought coffee from José Gregorio, we’ve cupped some stunning lots from him in the past which is why we were delighted to have the opportunity to visit his farm too.

Separated by 30 kilometers, both Juan and José grow a mix of varieties on their farms including Colombia and Tabi, and some more highly prized and elusive varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Gesha and SL28. The processing facilities at both farms are impressive; Juan washes and ferments his coffees in pristine steel containers, and both producers use raised beds and temperature controlled parabolic dryers for drying their green coffee.

Juan and José harvest a very small amount of Gesha each year and this coffee is a blend of two lots from both producers. We decided to blend these coffees because they taste very similar. This also creates a larger lot, allowing us to sell it at a lower price than if we were to roast them separately.

With flavours of stone fruit, guava and milk chocolate, this coffee is well balanced, complex and aromatic - boasting those distinct Gesha florals. Suitable for all filter brew methods. 

Juan and José both grow, harvest and process all of their coffee on their own farms before delivering it as dried parchment to our exporter/importer Osito. Osito were then responsible for the dry milling, warehousing and logistical services of getting the coffee to our roastery. Osito focuses on long-term purchasing relationships with producers, including establishing up-front payments for the growers.

Country: Colombia
Juan Cubillos & José Gregorio
Gigante & Garzon, Huila
1,620 - 1,720 masl