Calendar Coffee | Juan Cubillos | Colombia | Filter | 250g

Calendar Coffee | Juan Cubillos | Colombia | Filter | 250g

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Calendar Coffee | Juan Cubillos | Colombia | Filter | 250g

Flavour notes: Pink Grapefruit & Nougat
Harvest: June 2023

From the Roasters:
Juan Cubillos is the proud owner of the farm Finca La Florida in Gigante Huila. The farm consists of 16 hectares of land in the area of La Palma, Gigante. Most of the farm is planted with Variedad Colombia, but Juan has recently started harvesting coffee from more elusive varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Geisha and SL 28.

We had the pleasure of visiting Finca La Florida last summer. Both Juan and his wife Alba were extremely hospitable and took great pride showing us around their land. Finca La Florida is beautiful, and bigger than your average Colombian coffee farm. It was once used for growing low quality commercial coffee, but when Juan and Alba bought the land they recognised its potential for producing a much higher quality product.

The farm itself is extremely well organised. The coffee is planted in neat rows and the different varieties are kept separate. Native shade trees have been planted among the crops, and the processing facilities are meticulously managed and pristine. The coffee produced here is not organic but Juan and Alba’s passion for the health of their crops and the local environment is evident. Not all the land is used for producing coffee, and certain areas have been reserved for the local fauna and flora to thrive.

Of all the coffee varieties growing at Finca La Florida, the Pink Bourbon trees are producing the most extraordinary cups. Like last year, this coffee is intensely fruity and floral with notes of sweet pink grapefruit, apricot and nougat.

Country: Colombia
Producer: Juan Cubillos
Region: Gigante, Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1,620-1,720masl