Calendar Coffee CARMEN TAPIA | ECUADOR | FILTER 250g Bag

Calendar Coffee CARMEN TAPIA | ECUADOR | FILTER 250g Bag

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Carmen Tapia | Ecuador | Filter

Flavour Notes: Apricot and Lychee

Harvest: August 2021

Carmen Tapia
Typica Mejorado
1,840 masl

From the Roasters

Carman Tapia owns a large 60 hectare farm in Pichincha, northern Ecuador, where she has lived her entire life. She first thought about producing coffee in 2013, when she received a visit from the Agriculture Ministry and was told the farm had ideal climatic and soil conditions to produce it. In April 2014, she planted her first tree and has been focussed on producing the highest quality coffee ever since. Perhaps one of the secrets to her success is that she's kept her production very small. Today, just 0.75ha is planted with coffee and the quality is incredible.  

This is the fourth year we’ve bought coffee from Carmen, and what makes this coffee so special is its flavour! For us, its intense florals, tropical notes and big body places it somewhere between an Ethiopian and Central American coffee, a combination we think is quite unique. This year you can expect a sweet and bright cup with notes of apricot, lychee and melon.