Calendar Coffee | AJAVIER CARDOZO | COLOMBIA | FILTER  | 250g

Calendar Coffee | AJAVIER CARDOZO | COLOMBIA | FILTER | 250g

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Calendar Coffee | AJAVIER CARDOZO | COLOMBIA | FILTER  | 250g

Flavour notes: Blackcurrant & Hibiscus
Harvest: November 2023

From the Roasters:

Produced by Javier Cardozo, this coffee is so vibrant and fruity that we were sure it was a Kenyan coffee when we first tasted it at the start of the year. This coffee was sourced through Nordic Approach, who have been buying coffee from Javier and his son Arvey for the last few years. Javier has nearly 50 years of experience working as a coffee farmer, which is perhaps why he is able to produce exceptionally clean and complex lots like this one.

The cherries at Javier’s farm ‘La Cabaña’ are picked every 15 days and then processed at his wet mill. They are then fermented for 36 hours, washed, and dried on covered and raised beds. Javier mainly cultivates Colombia and Castillo varieties but this lot has been picked exclusively from the small amount of Bourbon trees on the farm.

With flavours of blackberries, cranberry and hibiscus, expect a complex and fruity cup with a clean crisp finish.

Country: Colombia
Producer: Javier Cardozo
Region: Garzón, Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,800 masl