Bailies Coffee Mexico El Sotano Microlot 250g

Bailies Coffee Mexico El Sotano Microlot 250g

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Bailies Coffee Mexico El Sotano 250g

Flavour Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Green Apple, and Cashew

From the Roasters

This Natural Mexican from Maricela Esperon is a result of dedication to the art of coffee growing despite challenging circumstances and environments. You'll find notes of Milk Chocolate, Green Apple & Cashew with a high acidity and medium body. 

Four years ago, Maricela Esperon returned to the small town of La Cañada to take over her father’s coffee farm, El Sotano, when he became unwell. In this time she has increased the quality of the coffee through perfecting her farming practices and much experimentation. Her family helped to build unique raised beds on the patio of their house. They shaded the beds for an average of 30 days and would bring the coffee inside every night to protect it from humidity. It’s this attention to detail that has allowed Maricela to produce this excellent and unique Mexican natural. 

  • Region: La Canada, Oaxaca
  • Variety: Typica
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1200masl
  • Tasting: Milk Chocolate, Green Apple & Cashew
  • Aroma: Fig Roll
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: Medium