Calendar Coffee Wilfredo Sanchez Honduras Filter 250g Bag

Calendar Coffee Wilfredo Sanchez Honduras Filter 250g Bag

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Wilfredo Sanchez | Honduras | Filter

Flavour Notes: Plum & Black Tea
Harvest: January 2020

Country: Honduras
Producer: Wilfredo Sanchez
Region: Opalaca
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1,500 masl

It's only been since 2001 that the production of Honduran coffee has increased dramatically, and today it's one of the largest producers in Central America. The late blossoming of Honduran coffee was largely due to the lack of infrastructure, and the high rainfall in the country making it difficult for farmers to dry their crops. Only recently have we begun to see excellent coffees coming out of this country, and the best have a complex fruity quality, great structure and a juicy acidity.

Wilfredo Sanchez is a member of the COMICOVEL cooperative - a group of smallholder coffee producers who farm organically with a focus on environmental sustainability. Through agroforestry management, the producers are transforming their farms into mini ecosystems, helping to protect the forest and the freshwater resources in the area. The co-op exported their first coffee in 2018, and 2019 was the first year they sold their coffee under organic certification, earning them higher premiums for their crop.

Wilfredo’s farm is located in the Opalaca mountain range and is a great example of how sweet and delicious Honduran coffee can be. Expect a juicy and well balanced cup, with notes of plum, brown sugar and black tea. This is a very versatile coffee and it's been going down a treat brewed in big batches at Calendars roastery!