Calendar Coffee | Teamwork Seasonal Espresso | Colombia | 250g

Calendar Coffee | Teamwork Seasonal Espresso | Colombia | 250g

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Teamwork Seasonal Espresso | Colombia

Flavour notes: Orange Peel & Caramel 
Harvest: July - August 2022

From the roasters

As the seasons change, so does our TEAMWORK espresso, highlighting the very best single origin coffees throughout the year. We’re looking for coffees that are balanced and sweet, delicious in milk, and with enough complexity to be enjoyed straight up.

With its high altitudes, deep valleys and abundant rainfall, Tolima is well suited for growing quality coffee. Between the high mountains, wind blows up from the Rioblanco River and through the coffee fields. This provides relatively cool daytime temperatures, and great drying conditions for the small community of farmers that contributed to this lot. Expect a full bodied and zesty espresso with a sweet caramel aftertaste.

Today, nearly half of coffee production comes from countries predicted to lose more than 60% of land suitable for growing coffee by 2050. As temperatures rise and extreme weather becomes more frequent, coffee farming is becoming increasingly difficult and less profitable for many producers across the globe. World Coffee Research is a non-profit organisation providing farmers with the tools, knowledge, and plants necessary to adapt in a changing climate. Together with our importing partners Primavera, we are donating €0.50 from every Kg of TEAMWORK Seasonal Espresso to support their work.

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Country: Colombia
Community blend
Caturra & Colombia
1,500 - 1,900 masl